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Funny! Spiders don't freak me out real bad, but I can certainly relate to not wanting them in my bedroom. This was a very entertaining read.
A very clever and fun piece. You had me laughing out loud. Great writing.
This one gave me my laugh for the day. Having used all those methods on a variety of critters, including a tarantula in a shoe and a endless number of cockroaches, I could appreciate the story. I even carved up a poisonness snake in my kitchen sink once. Good work.
Ugh! I hate spiders, but I hate squishin' 'em even more. Funny story and very imaginative.
Okay, laughing? Check.
Complete and utter terror siezing my body? Check.
Heebeejeebees for the rest of the day. Check.
Knowing the life of yet another spider has been ended - and not by me? Priceless.
I loathe flys and mosquitos, so I love spiders. I'd pet them if I could. Australia ain't Indiana--that's a whole new game.

Well written, top to bottom. You drew me in, shoe clutched, beating the creepie-crawile to death, before sleeping soundly.

Surely you wore no sandals in this country?
Love the voice - and this is just too fun to read. And, of course, I know who wrote it. :) Great detail and injection of your thoughts.
My favourite line in this piece was I missed. Great timing, interrupting the rhythm for a brief moment before plunging right back into the pursuit.
However, as Frank rightly said, some of us love spiders as they are great for polishing off other pests. We sleep under a mosquito net so were normally safe from such nighttime intrusions. There was the one time my wife awakened to find a scorpion running down her back, but thats another story ...
Love MC voice and the details are superb. My solution? get a cat!
As you know, I love this! My favorite bit is toward the end, when the spider is STILL ALIVE...honestly, it's the stuff that nightmares are made of, but just so, so very well-written. Hilarious.
I'm scared of, I almost didn't read this one. I'm so glad I did! It was humorous and well written.
Super story telling, lots of good descriptions and details made this a pleasure to read, even tho I was reading about squishing spiders. [shudder]. I feel much the same way, and enjoyed this very much. :) Cat
Oh, my! This is great! Not many can get me to laugh out loud, but you did it. And yes, I do know who wrote
LOL - I've written a few things on my fear of spiders, so readers probably won't mistake this piece for mine. I know it sounds cruel, but in my opinion, all spiders deserve the shoe treatment.
My husband did joke recently that I would never - ever - be brave enough to visit Australia (as much as I would love to visit Deb!) because they have the biggest, most deadly spiders - not to mention snakes - in the world. If that's true, then my husband's right. I won't be making a trip to Australia any time soon (Sorry Deb!). Great idea for "calm," although that definitely wouldn't be me. I freak out with seizure-like shudders at the sight of any 8-legged creature.
Too funny! The class probably thinks I'm totally weird smiling so big at the computer. Thanks, Amy, for furthering the knowledge that Mrs. Hubrich is weird!

Loved this. I go after crickets, too, because they make their cricking sounds and keep me up at night.
I love this piece. Your voice is so strong and the point of view gives it the perfect tone. I thoroughly enjoyed it...and totally understand the whole creepy, "squishy", I-just-stepped-on-a-spider sound. SOOOO gross.
Amen to your agreement and to your hilarious work. This was fun and a bit "creepy" to read. Arachnids are some of the creatures I wonder about as to why Noah included them on his ark.
Ooooh! You were very CALM. I think I would've called for an exterminator by then-lol-or more accurately, whichever guy happened to be closest at hand. This was too funny! ^_^ Good job.
Ireally enjoyed your story. I feel the exact same way about spiders. I think they are fascinating outside in Nature where they belong but inside my house...UGH! Again, good job!
HA! Too funny! I am impressed - you're so calm. I love the title.

And thanks for your comments on a couple of my recent pieces :-)
You took a simple story about a spider and made it a real fun read.

I don't have arachnophobia, but I definitely don't want the little buggers crawling on me, especially if they are poisonous and I am sleeping.

Australia may have some of the creepiest creatures, but I still want to visit someday. :)

Amy this was so cute. I am, sad to say, terrified of spiders. I don't like them anywhere! lol You did a great job of this piece. Well done my FaithWriter friend.
Hahahahaa... How could I ever miss this. Having meet you I can just see you taking several attempts to kill one little spider. Poor thing. Squish.

An excellent read as always.