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Great piece! I loved your testimony of this unfair situation and the great calm you displayed. I pray things have gone well since.
I have heard your same sentiments so many times. So many children out there dearly need a kind touch, and sometimes "teacher" is the only one who gives it. I also appreciate your message on not speaking out in the heat of the moment. There is a time and a place for everything.
Very good story. I applaud the topic you chose, and the restraint you wrote into your character. Wonderful!
This was powerful. I know there are teachers out there daily, who either have been reprimanded or who are doing the right thing, knowing they could be. What an example of Jesus to not defend oneself... THIS is a great example of emotional calm... winner in my book.. thanks so much for writing about this sad newsworthy subject...
The atmosphere of this piece is amazing. Your descriptions are absolutely excellent, and wonderful - and what a message. This is masterfully done in every way.
Congratulations on your EC -- and Wow. This is a powerful story, and your writing is excellent. Good job.
Intriguing, well-written story. Congratulations!
This was truly an excellent story.
Powerful word-pictures, intense emotion, gripping development from first sentence to last--You made those few moments in the principal's office take on the impact of eons. Congratulations on your win--a tremendous piece with a timeless message!