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Not so weird—Fish sounds remarkably like my two. Any story about a cat is one I immediately love. Good job.
Great descriptions! When I lived in the dorms in college, we had a cat named "Fish" (because we weren't allowed to have cats in the dorms LOL). Seemed, to me, anyway, only tangentially connected to the topic, but a wonderful read nonetheless.
I have yet to read a more articulate item on the cats, they are a strange yet endearing breed. Well said! ;- )
The little temptresses. How they wiggle and stalk their way into our hearts and lodge there! I could read animal stories until doomsday and never wear out, but your Fish story was exceptionally enjoyable.
Loved - loved - loved your descriptions of her antics!! This was almost like a mini video, I could "see" her in each of the situations... I really enjoyed this!
Delightful! My own Boots was so aggressive in his youthful playfulness that I sometimes had trouble convincing people he was a good cat and he loved me. He's a bit older now and I can honestly say it has been a few years since he has actually drawn blood!
Your descriptions were wonderful. In fact the story was so well wrtiiten, I was amazed at the words you came up with and the unusual phrases. I'm glad she brings a peace to your home and life!
A delightful read for cat lovers! So very realistic and masterfully done - although pretty far=fetched from the topic of calm.
Growing up we had a cat named "Tuna." He was a character. My daughter has a calico cat.

I'm more a dog person, but you helped me undesrstand cat lovers a little better. Nice writing!
What a delightfully descriptive picture of your 'Fish'! All cat 'pets' who read this will immediately see their 'master's' antics in it! ;-) This is a fun read!
Excellent, emotive writing. Only problem is that it reinforces every prejudice I have against cats! But then I am very much a dog-lover.
I love this cat story, and the cat's name reminds me of another pet our family once had...a bird named catfood! (I know. It's morose. My sons named it.) Anyway, I could feel the pawing and the cuddling and purring as you described it. Excellent writing.
April, I love this entry, and I plan to feature it in the Front Page showcase for the week of October 1. Look for it on the FW home page!
Aww, fun peice. My cat completly adores feet, too. She'd rather be petted with my foot than with my hand. Go figure. :-p
I loved your article! It was so good! Cats can be so funny. I had a cat like yours once. He was a tiger, and loved to pounce on feet. He'd even chase after walkers and their dogs. One time I can remember him pouncing on someones head from our roof. He died a few years ago, our little tiger. He was a great kitty.