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Really nice use of fantasy to illustrate Truth in Person! I was a bit confused by the transition to the other realm, and wondered whether I was supposed to know who 'Benjamin' was. But your skillful writing made me want to explore Illisandra much further! Nice ending, where you cleverly bring Drew back to his own realm with a revelation he can keep always!

When you fall into a hole, you fall into another land! Cool. The characters are well developed in a short amount of words. The taste of this new land makes the reader want to know more and read more adventures about Drew, and the whole new world he's discovered!
Vivid descriptions and engaging dialog. Got a bit lost in the transition between the worlds, but I was definitely fascinated from start to finish.
Narnia round trip in 750 words--make this a novel. Is Jaiah an alternate of Yaweh/ jehova? If not, the name definately works as a connotative descriptor.

Great title.

I feel as if I've "fallen" into the land of allegory. Tereffic terrain, characters and story telling.
This story, the entire idea of it, was entrancing. I just wish you'd had more words to make it happen.
Had me confused, enticed, interested, caring and unable to stop reading all in 750 words! Great story. Great insights.
Enjoyed this allegory wrapped up in an adult fantasy. It held my attention throughout. Well done.
Great story line and writing. I loved the "land within" the land of reality. Your last line was perfect (haunting) and a GREAT reminder.
Wow. This was very interesting. Great writing. I'd love to see this expaned. Blessings.
Ah! Another great novel in the making, I'm sure. I really liked this, and felt myself sucked into "the Land Within" as I read, though I'm inclined to think the transition should be scary rather than painful. But it's your story.
I wonder if many children have their own individual "lands within" or if it's just one common land like Narnia. This could begin a theological discussion on our experience of heaven. Well done. Very creative.