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Since my husband comes from Looneyville, I can appreciate this piece of writing. Nice job.
This is very cute. It was a lot of fun to read.
No! This is TRUE? I can't imagine what would possess people to call their own town "Frog Suck"! Well, whatever! Your story is well written and humorous. (My son discovered the island of "Untz" off the north coast of Great Britain two years ago while playing a computer game. He emailed them, and they emailed back. It's part of the larger island of Shetland, of the pony fame.) When I read stories like this one, it makes me want to go see these towns for myself!
What a riot! I'm sure you had a ball "researching" this piece - unless you already knew all these places. I was familiar with a few of them. This was an absolutely delightful piece (I think I know who wrote this).
This piece is so much fun. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have one for you to add to your collection. I grew up 9 miles from a town called Oblong, Illinois. There is also a town not far from that called Normal. True newspaper headline: Oblong man marries Normal woman. :0)
Well done.
This is a most delightful read. I kept my own "tongue in cheek" to enjoy it!
Such fun to read, and a unique twist on the topic.
I'll bet Where is a town too, somewhere. This is delightful Corinne, I had so much fun reading it.
Great story! I really enjoyed this and now want to research funny names of towns, also. Congratulations on your win!
This was so fun and so clever. What a hoot! Many chuckles to this one. Congratulations!
Congratulations on your EC. This was one of my favorites. Very clever.
This was so well written and so very funny. I loved it! I needed a good laugh today.