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Ooo. I liked this. You did a great job making it seem like it happened today, until you bring Jesus into it at the end.

In the last stanza, I would have put "'Till" as the first word in the second line. It seemed to flow better that way for me.

Again, I really liked this. Great job.
Great imagery - and a wonderful rendition of a familiar story. Wonderful.
Yes! With a second read, I truly appreciate what you've done with the topic--the boldness here is the verbal rod of our Shepherd, defending His rescued lamb. Gripping imagery, tight rhyme & meter--a delight to read!
I LOVED this! I think you captured the heart and soul of this story to a tee. The poetry wasn't overdone, or forced from beginning to end - it flowed fautlessly.

Great work here! I loved it and enjoyed every word.
This is wonderfully crafted and flowing. I like the modern voice you use to tell this familiar story from scripture.
Oh, I agree with every comment above...and...just look at what you pulled off in this skillfully written verse...the word BOLD is spelled out repeatedly with the first letters of every line. Wow!
Super--and I loved the acrostics--usually poems of this sort resort to forced constructions to get the acrostic to work, but this one just flowed beautifully.
Wow! A very talented rendition of a familiar story. How did you manage to make me feel the depth of her depravity in a poem? I have never before truly appreciated the amount of forgiveness it involved from Jesus. I guess I just saw the story as a woman falling for a married man. I like your images better because it shows the power of Jesus to forgive. How free she felt, unburdened of all of that sin. Superb job!