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This story is delightful. It just carried me along with a bit of wonder to its clever end.
You got me - had NO idea where this was going, but I was not at all displeased. Delightful story! Love it.
How very cute and clever! Your grown-up thoughts are perfect for the situation. They caused me to make some spiritual applications, as well.
I reread this with my baby in mind...could see everything going through her mind. Wonderful. Simply wonderful.
If we could only hear what our babies were thinking...! Clever, cute, and bold. Wonderfully charming!
What a charming story. I didn't have a clue what was really going on until the end. Thumbs up.
Aw.... :) My grandson just learned to walk a month ago... This is great!!
Goodness! This is just too sweet. I, of course, had to go read it a second time. I love the creativity in this (and especially the line about "something about friends jumping off a bridge"). Great job. ;-)
Hear me clapping? This was great, never figured it out until the end! Great writing! Good stroy telling. Keep up the great writing.
All I can do is smile : )
This was just too cute...the ending was totally unexpected! Great job!
Too Cute!! There are times when you really do see them processing things to that degree. Great! :-) Hugs!!
Very cute! Certainly surprising. A bold first step.
This was too cute to pop and you had me in your grip all the way to the bottom. So many spiritual analogies and lessons we can take from a baby's first steps.