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I loved your "cowboy" story carried through to its perfect conclusion. You made us see vividely the little boy's imagination.
Wonderful nostalgic article. It's hard to watch the boldness leave a strong-willed cowboy. But I liked the ending here. Very good.
What an amazing tribute to this cowboy - true or not, this stirred me deeply. Love the imagery throughout.
"...Ted’s little boy cowboy heart never stopped beating..." Wonderfully written, so tender and insightful. I love the details, such as the character pictured on the cover of his cowboy paperback. You went below the surface of the man with the delicacy of a doctor's scalpel. I could taste the beauty of his spirit. Fabulous writing!
"...I can imagine Ted fully restored in that place beyond the eternal sunrise where cowboy ghost-riders prance on cloudy, barely-tamed ponies." Cowboy heaven! What a delightful thought to wrap up this well-penned weathered cowpoke tale.
Beautiful story! So well written and poignant. Don't we all have a streak of that cowboy adventurer left over in us somewhere? Well, we take after our Father so it's only natural to have that spark! The trick is learning to find it in ourselves, even in our old age. I love your story sooo much!
So beautiful - and what a way to travel across the years of someone's life.

Isn't it wonderful to think, there are those out there who really do get to fulfill those dreams....
Well, upfront, I have to admit a slight favorable prejudice because I'm a sometime cowbody myself. I really liked this piece as it captures so much of the heart and dreams of both the young and old. Wonderful writing.