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What powerfully poetic prose you have created. Your word choices are superb. Great job.
This is very interesting. I could feel myself in the graveyard and visualize all that happened.

Great work.
Wow - this is so visual it is absolutely tactile. Excellent word choices all around. Good stuff!
I'm not exactly sure what this was all about, or why the airplane crash was mentioned other than to explain it taking place in a graveyard. That could have held together on it's own, however.

Now, this was so intensely, beautifully written I didn't much care that I couldn't comprehend everything that was going on. What an artist you are with words.
WOW! What a richness of words! Your descriptions are so awesome and place me right in the scene! My favorite line was, "Night stole in on tiptoe, drawing lavender sheets over pearl gray hills, blanketing the day, shushing the noise, calling for sleep."

The whole piece was full of emotion, tension, and yes, FEAR! :) Good job!
I'm captivated by your story and its images, but I reeeeeeally don't know what it's about. Please share! In advance of knowing I'll say - awesome job. ;-)
From some of the responses I see my article is a bit obscure and needs a disclaimer of sorts. It's about life after death. One of the deceased was a Christian and prayed for by her husband at her gravesite. He was distressed until a voice from heaven told him to "Fear Not"

The other deceased was not a Christian and did not have anyone praying for them. The Dark Rider (Satan) comes and claims his victim. His victim, as he mounts behind the Dark Rider who is on his horse, is holding out hope that maybe his "future in eternity" is not quite as bleak as it seems. However, the Dark Rider tells him differently and therefore his victim looks at the Christian in "Doomed Regret" causing the Dark Rider to laugh.

Sorry the story is so obtuse, but really, it made sense while I was writing it. But obviously I missed the mark.

Blessings, Loren
I loved the way you painted this story with your words. I really liked the way you did this. Very unique and interesting in my opinion.
Oh wow, so awesome. Your message should send chills down the spine of anyone who hasn't made a decision for Christ! That last sentence is powerful and haunting. The descriptions in this entry are fantastic, and visual. You set such a somber, scary mood, too.
I loved your story! And I "got it" from the beginning. Right up there with the masters like Peretti and Dekker. What a gift you have!
Such a beautifully crafted combination of poetry and prose! Your ability to create mood is masterful indeed! A wonderful 'ride' through the emotion of fear!