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What a wonderful illustration. Good work.
YES! I like to call it going to the mountaintop to regain new perspective... what a great illustration of reframing. LOVED it.. this is a keeper... very wise and useful lesson here...
I'll never look at a kaleidoscope the same way again! What great perspective you illustrated in this entry. The story flows nicely, and the MC is warm, honest, and human. You created realistic dialogue for your characters, too.
I love love LOVE the imagery of the kaleidoscope - what a poignant piece, with a so-needed message masterfully presented.
How familiar the questions are to each of us when the hard places don't make sense. How wise of God to use simple lessons (a boy and a toy) to grasp the enormity of his love.
This is a wonderful devotional. Great observations without being preachy.
Mom's are supposed to be able to fix anything, right? So what happens when they can't? Good thing God is always there, even if we aren't looking with the proper eyes.

Absolutely beautiful.
Wonderful reference to God's view of our confusion.
Yes, such an inspirational piece here! A kaleidoscope of effective story-telling! Thank you!
What a great illustration. It was comforting to read. As always, your writing is wonderful!
Wow! What a wonderful object lesson! I won't forget this one for a long time.
Excellent life lesson through a child's toy. Wonderful writing.
Really beautiful, well qualified to place
Beautiful. I so love the lesson this teaches. You are gifted.
Congratulations on your EC. What a great picture to have -- very original. And your writing is very good -- it flows so smoothly. Nice job.