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Clever calculation; just adding Jesus will change any equation. Enjoyable story!
Nice last line.
As much as I dislike math, it turned out to be an excellent illustration of Biblical truth. The story, and the lesson, were both great.

I stumbled over one thing: I suspect you meant "wretched" and not "retched?"

Nevertheless, well done.
Love the illustration (and I also hate math LOL). Great dialogue, too.
I was a math nerd (as well as every other kind of nerd) so I really liked was a painless way to deliver an important lesson. Tiffanie may not like algebra, but she did well with geometry (the bit with the parallel lines...), and with adding Jesus to the equation. Wonder if that'll fly with her math teacher...Good job!
Now that's the kind of algebra I can understand! Great job!
Unique take on the teen topic and excellent POV.
Good witness article.
Oh, this was so clever! I liked how the MC was the one with the doubts. Great job!
I think the third sentence is supposed to be "you're" instead of your, right? ^_^ Apart from that, even though I am dedicated to hating Algebra and whoever invented it-ROFL, you made this interesting. And your last line is definitely a keeper.
You made math fun for me, it's a miracle as I loate math! This was well written and very relatable to the genre.