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What a ghastly world! Great story, with a real twist at the end. And I applaud the message - the limitation of human penal responsibility. I enjoyed this, and it's sent me away thinking.
This gripped me from start to finish. It is very vivid and the writing is excellent.
BTW, I like the criminal sentences of the future.
Whoa! I had to step back after reading this. So vivid. I could really feel for the innocent guy, the last few lines being particularly poignant. Very well done. ^_^
Oh Man! *chills* I love the sentence the judge handed down, I just wish the right person were receiving it. I didn't get the part where/why/how the "I" became Tom Flynn--but it sure was effective. How horrible to be judged so wrongly!
Yikes! This was truly frightening, totally gripped me, astounded me with its ending. Just when I thought you'd "got" me, you did it again. One of my favorites this week.
Trying to come up with another word for "Wow" or "Yikes" about "that was incredible!" It really drew the reader in. Surprise ending was definitely a "surprise". Wonderfully written.
I think I finally blinked when this was over. Absolutely frightening and engaging. This is absolutely masterful.
You made great use of tension. You kept me reading to the end. It seemed a very merciless peunishment, even had he been the real criminal.
I love endings with a twist. Great writing!!
Wow! I could hardly breath! What a concept!

I have only one observation - it was the gun. It struck me as out of place ... more like an ancient weapon in this futuristic society.

Even so ... this was awesome and gripped my attention from beginning to end.
Very vivid, to the point of being a bit spooky futuristic. Very well done.
So creative and well-written I can only say: wow. Thanks for a great, thought-provoking read.
Oh yes. One of my favorites this week. Creative and well done. God bless.
Powerful, remarkable, and certainly memorable. Did I say creative? Fantastic job of creating a new reality and yet giving a Christian message of forgiveness as well. Congratulations on your well deserved win!
Sandy, what a powerful piece of writing! I cannot say that I "like" it, because it is too gruesome. But, do you ever know how to grip a reader's attention. I HAD to keep reading. The sci-fi scenario was also very believable, and I certainly appreciate your message. I can see why you are a winner :)
Yikes! This gave me the chills--and like Chrissy I had to close my gaping mouth afterwards. WOW! Congratulations Sandy!
Sandra, I loved this sci fi mystery. I had to read it twice to grasp the ending. Excellent writing.