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This is incredible.
An excellent reminder of how a culprit can be in our midst.also that we are responsible as onlookers.also that there are times when we are lost as to what to do. What can I say?This piece covers it all. It made this reader feel as though I were there. Awesome!
I'm still feeling very tender in regard to this subject, since my own submission came from several days of research and discussion on the same topic. It made my heart ache. This was so beautifully done!
Every time I hear stories of Crystal Night, it give me chills - you have re-told this in such a beautiful, reverant way. Thank-you.
Disturbing, thought-provoking, frightening! This piece is magnificently written and in a poignant way tells the story of that dreadful, tragic night. May we never forget the lessons of history! Excellent job!
Excellent. Horrible. Loved the POV and the father's reaction on realizing his son knew. As usual you've done a beautiful, wonderful job of writing, and though painful, it's a story that must continue to be told. Many would like to deny it happened. Thanks for writing on it. There is surely a place in literature for this piece.
You have done an AMAZING job of portraying this terrible, terrible time. The images will haunt me for a long time. Excellent.
A stunning reminder of man's inhumanity to man. I really have compassion for the little boy as well. How horrible for him to see his father this way. Excellent.
WOWSERS! I'm not normally persuaded to read long poetry entries, but this simply grasped my attention and wouldn't let go!! To see that horrible night through a child's eyes...incredible. Incredible, incredible, incredible...
Oh, my. I literally gulped when I realized that the boy's father was a perpetrator, not a victim. Extremly powerful, and beautifully written.
What a view of that horrible night. The confussion of the child when he heard the familiar voice...the father's looking away at the end...there were more than Jewish families and lives destroyed that night. Such a vivid picture--wow.
Wonderful! You kept me reading all the way through - absolutely loved your descriptive words.:)
So poignant! Great poem.
Amazing! Your poetry should be taught as a literary masterpiece--it's truly hard to find poetry as poignant as this!
Magnificent, Kenn. Congratuations.
There is absolutely no doubt that you are an excellent poet, Kenn! Excellent job!
Kenn, this is beyond remarkable in every way!
It has given me shivers too. Your skill is astounding!