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This is really a good view of Queen Esther and modern Amanda. Even with the italics, I found it a little hard to jump back and forth and still get the picture. But, I went back and read each story separately and it was much easier. Good comparison here and good pov.
I enjoyed the direct comparison you made - fro me it certainly worked. Good piece, and I appreciated the insight into your life.
Excellent job, my friend. God truly has you where He needs you for such a time as this. :)
'Esther' is one of my favourite characters in the Bible (because I'm named after her and because it's such a wonderful story).

I love the comparison to your life and the reminder that God places us where he wants us in life, even though we often don't understand why until later.
Very nice!
Gee - I wonder whose this is? ;)

Seriously - your descriptions of Esther are beautiful and wonderful, and the parallels to your experience are right on, and DEFINITELY inspirational. Esther is also a favorite of mine - as are you :)
This is very good. I love the story of Esther. The way you interwove that story with a contemporary story is brilliant. Great job.
Loved the parallel structure! What a creative way to tell two stories that seem on the surface totally unrelated. Bravo!
I love the use of comparison in this piece. Many have a life verse; seems that you have a life "story." God has hand-picked you for something special, something He has uniquely equipped you to do. And He does that for each of His children. This is truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing your story. Blessings, Cheri
Excellent! I love the use of parallel stories to apply the truths in Esther's life to our lives!
May God bless you as you seek to serve Him!
Excelelnt. I really liked the way this is written. Great job.
I love it when a writer is able to weave old testament stories into our contemporary world and make it work in a believable way. In doing this, it proves the validity of Biblical principles - that they are not only ageless, but forever relevant as well.
Thank-you for sharing your work.
Okay, you tied together my favorite bible story of all time and twined an equally awesome story around it as well. Awesome job! This flowed really well 'in sync' and I liked the comparisons and the last line. ^_^
“Lead me, Father. I’m ready.”

Powerful prayer! Loved and was inspired by this, from the title all the way to the end!