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I love this beautiful story about a couple joined by God. In a simply story you were able to convey the way God moves mountains behind the scenes for those of us who will wait and trust in Him. Simply excellent from beginning to end.
A lovely story - bittersweet, but with a ending that is more than simply satisfying. Good job.
What a lovely, lovely piece of work here. The title is perfect, I love the character names. I thought Grace's characterization, especially in Providence were exceptional, her soot black hair, her eyes cast low...Sadly my hometown is the literal founding place of Planned Parenthood. This was a beautiful story.
Captivating! I love this: She’d silenced his mouth, but his heart cried out. Others might have seen malice in her actions, but he saw only pain in her tortured eyes. I'm also motivated to get a t-shirt with my church name on it. :) I'm so glad Josh waited on God to bring him his bride. His timing is perfect. This romance gave me goosebumps. Great job!
This was so well done. I especially like that you did not have him stop her, to preach, then marry her to save the child or something. That would have reeked of pity. This was more realistic and hopeful as they begin a life forgiven, more evenly yoked, and best of all, built on THE rock!
WOW! It's all I can say. The ending was beautiful and much different than where I thought it was going. A great example of God taking ashes and emptiness, mixing in a divinely appointed moment, and bringing forth new life. You've also layered in the way God works in a trusting and obedient life. Many messages in this little gem.
I loved this sweet and simple story, and definitely found myself saying "awwww" as I read the ending. Such a lovely love story. Great job!
I read this story holding my breath, rushing to get to the end of it and find out about her. I, too, hoped they wouldn't be unequally yoked. God says not to do it. I know that it can be such a I breathed a sigh of relief fo find that she'd become a believer, one of many who come to their Father for comfort out of devastation of their lives.
An exceptionally well told story!
Amazing, how God works through circumstances. This is powerful.

Personal preference--I'd find other ways of expressing "soot black hair"--the repetition seemed a bit much.

I love the theme of grace and redemption...very beautiful.
This is touching. I don't believe in coincidences, and I think you illustrated that here. God always has a plan. Well done.
Beautiful. That's about all I can say right now. Great job.
Beautiful! I especially like the reference to "Gomer" I've always felt sorry for her. You did a great job with discriptions and especially the note with "Soot black hair". Wonderful writing, friend! ^_^
Very touching story with a good message that even the briefest encounters we have with someone might be life-changing--for both of us! :)
This is a sad, but oh-so-true story in many cases. Of course most do not have this happy ending. God knows what he's doing. When God wants two people together, his will prevails in the end.

I love to see young women accepted in spite of their failures. It seems unbalanced that young men almost never feel the shame and degradation in these tragic circumstances.

It was heartwarming to see Josh's love went beyond condemnation. He is truly a romantic hero in my opinion.
A story from your heart to the readers, the message gently woven, like a ribbon through lace. Wonderful!
A great story with a greater message. A wonderful example of not only the mystery and power of God, in control and working all things according to the counsel of His will, but an excellent demonstration of the one living a life of faith while separated unto God and content to wait for His will to be done. Great Job!
I love, especially, the end of this. Just lovely.
This beautiful story confirms a personal belief that some people (by God's design) are simply meant to be together. A few years and other "things" may get in the way but as it says in Habakkuk 2:3 “Though it tarries, wait earnestly... for it will surely come.”
Stranger things have happened in God's design and all things are possible with Him. You portrayed all this in 750 words (or less) along with romance woven through out - well done - well written.
A piece of true brilliance. Your story is like a real person - it has a body which is seen and heard, and a soul which, while not seen, is felt.

This story is the creation of God given gifts. I look forward to reading your continued works, and may the Lord inspire you in your efforts.