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I liked this.
...and I thought it couldn't be done! You did it! You put together a very well done romance in 750 words. You did a fantastic job of it.
This is really good -- a great Christian romance genre story. And very well written.

Just a couple of typos -- paragraph 16. Send should be sent, and women should be woman.

So, does this end in happily-ever-after?
Excellent romance! I enjoyed reading this.
Good plot and conclusion. For some reason, it feels as if this was a fantastic piece and then it was chopped up into something that fit the 750 word limit. I think that some of the choppiness is because of your P.O.V. switching throughout as well. To keep the flow of something when making it smaller, just take one setting and one moment in time and get it all in - dialogue, description, one P.O.V. and that way we can feel right along with the M.C. If you do that with this - take each setting and get back the flow - then you'll have something masterful.
This was very good! And what I most appreciated was your "nod" to the genre by giving your characters "soap opera" names. I suspect that was a bit of intentional satire, and it cracked me up. A bonus on top of a lovely story.
Pretty good! I liked the names and especially how he was 'giving back' yet no one was realizing it, until she discovered the 'secret' in the end. Good job.
I like your title, and I enjoyed the read. And after that brick you threw, how could I resist? ;o) Nice work. Cheri
Creative take on this - enjoyed the read.
Great title and wonderful character names. This was an enjoyable read!