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I'm not sure about the rather sharp discord between Rebekah and Isaac that you have described, but since we aren't told any more in scripture except that "he loved her," anything is possible, I guess.

But I loved how you brought these two strangers together to share the vision that God had given Abraham. The conclusion of it all was wonderful. Great writing.
Wonderful title--I suspect that marriage was very scary back then, and that love had to grow very gradually. I loved the way you depicted that awakening--quite tender.
Sounds like such an ordinary couple, yet, wait! I know them! Innovative. You've captured a young romantic tale of two impetuous young people, back in the days before long engagements. Well done.
The harshness at the beginning made me uncomfortable. I don't think the thought of discord bothered me as much as the dialogue. But, I may have unrealistically 'sanitized' all Bible characters.

When I read this a second time, pretending it wasn't about a famous Bible couple, I liked it much better. So, I obviously have a preconceived belief about the actions of Bible characters. (Basically, they're only bad when we're told they are bad. Which probably isn't entirely accurate.)

That being said -- I loved the way you brought them together at the end. And your writing is very good.

And I admire you for taking a risk.
I was drawn into your creative account of this story! Great writing!
LOVED this peak into lives of the patriarchs. Great dialogue.
I like this a lot. Bringing real, human emotions into Bible charcters takes guts. Kudos.
Loved your title and the way you brought God's promise to Abraham concerning his descendents into this story. This was very interesting and creative. At the beginning, I had a hard time believing it could be THE Isaac and Rebekah of the Bible, but I, too, thought the ending was wonderful! Good writing! :)
One thing I am learning from reading in Masters level is how to perfect description simply with great dialogue; you did an incredible job. You also abided by the cardinal rule of writing which is BE HONEST. Writing is risky business if you do it right, and it takes courage. You have it in spades!
Very creative. I too had a hard time at the very beginning, but loved how you brought it around. Excellent job. Cheri
Wow, lots going on here! I never quite thought of this story that way. I do imagine that there must have been quite a few times for that scene though, considering all the sudden 'circumstances'. I love the dialouge between them and especially the clip with the sand and stars. It just seemed a little abrupt though in front with the arguement and then switching to having them lying on the sand and looking up at the stars. Just my opinion though. ^_^