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I get what's going on here (after re-reading it), but I think there's still too much left unsaid. You definitely kept me curious, though - your emotions and flow were great.
Wow, this certainly is a mystery... I'd like just a few more clues about what is going on, but I think I have an idea of what it was about. Good job at the writing!
Some great stuff here. Has a time-travelish feel to it (maybe that's just me lol). Makes me want to know the rest of the story!
Among other things, I'd love to know who Sarah is earlier in the piece. I want to know more, more, more. Could this be the bones of a longer, more detailed piece? Write well!
I like the title of this. It sets the tone for a desparate but well-meaning air and gives me something to connect to the characters. It vaguely was deja vu in a few places, but great writing! I do wish I knew more, it reminds me of a fave mystery novel I would love to curl up to read again and again and again! ^_^
God's warning in a dream. Good approach.
I really liked this alot! It kept me on my toes, just the way a good mystery should!
Of course, I want to read the next chapter!
Great suspense! I was on the edge of my seat. I had to skim over it again but then I saw where you were going. And I like it. :) I like this line - God? Me and You, right?
I still don't have it all figured out completely, but it's an extremely well written mystery.
Great description and intrigue - I got it (I hope LOL) on the second time through - and you are NOT a bad mystery writer, miss Pat!
This would be a good "Lifetime" network movie. I think you should expand it. Good stuff, but I want to know more. I *think* I have an idea of what happened.