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I was right with you - until we met the gator. His thoughts kind of threw me. But the rest of it was intriguing and well-written.
I loved this! The 'gator burped... he would be the only one solving this head-scratching mystery, unless they have a Breathalyzer for Italian shoe leather! Hmmmm? Nice work. Thanks, Cheri
Very interesting. I was wondering how you were going to end it. Very interesting twist with the gator.
I'm afraid those cops will be looking for a while. H could solve it tho! One thing (one of my pet peeves :) - scratching its collective head - its' should be "its" - no apostrophe. Good use of the topic, very original and well written. I liked the part about them wondering if they'd missed the rapture.
This was really cute. I liked this. You held me all the way to the end. Great job.
You had me going - and laughing - throughout. Loved the buildup - and the conclusion! Very creative.
Yikes, that ending really reached out and grabbed me! Just like the 'gator, I guess! Very effective.
Oh my! What a mystery! Don't know what else to say.
An enjoyable read with a fun twist at the end. One inconsistency, how did the owner of the shoe get 'far away' when he was wearing only one shoe? yeggy
I see why you're in the masters level. This is wonderfully written and creative, with a twist ending. I love the rapture scare.
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