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This was a nice look at Hannah. Samuel is one of my favorites so this was very enjoyable to read. Good job.
What a beautiful portrayal of one of my favorite Bible characters! Well-done!
I love how we come to realize who the MC is in the middle of the story. You brought Hannah to to life for me. Beautiful!
Such an engaging read. It's depth and dimension are strong and the story written with such gentleness. Love it! Blessings, Jo
I enjoy this kind of "inside" look at a biblical character. You made me think about how Hannah must have longed at times for her son's presence, and worried about the influences surrounding him.
The ONLY thing I noticed was two question marks in your longest paragraph that should probably be exclamation points instead, which is hardly worth mentioning, considering how well-written and enjoyable this piece is!
Beyond excellent.
God bless.
Very good retelling of this story, and wonderfully written. Thanks so much for sharing it
This is really good--I love pieces that help me to relate to Biblical characters as if I were there.

My only suggestion would be to avoid "modern" sounding names like Aunt Penny (short for Penelope?). For a minute I wondered if I were in a modern setting.

I absolutely loved when you had little Jonathan's nighttime experience mirror Samuel's. Perfect.
I loved your story about "the son of God's kindness." What a beautiful expression for Samuel. Excellent job!
Such an atmospheric, beautiful piece. I enjoyed this so much.
I've always been a fan of Hannah and Samuel. This one just flowed from start to finish!
I love the details in this well-written piece. Hannah seemed very real. Very enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.