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he, he. oh the volumes of truth you speak! I liked it :) love Mulligan's Island too!
Laughed out loud in a couple of spots. Hehe! Too funny.
LOL. This was really well written. The "dangers" of golf were so done. "Mom" should have been capitalized when Margie used it as her name, but overall, I think this one is a winner. I like how the advise was personal experience, because this advise would have seemed extreme otherwise. We will miss you and your entries while you're gone. Blessings.
Oh what a hoot! I *love* this tongue-in-cheek piece. You know us ladies pretty well, don't you?
Loved reading this. Cute title, good writing.
Hehe This was so good. As others have mentioned, I loved how the mother presented the "dangers" of golf. Great job.
Too fun!! You sure did capture that pair--I felt like I was sitting with them (snickering!!) :-)
This was fresh and funny. You've given people a really good laugh in a sport that has taken our country by storm. A lot of women can relate to this one, myself included. Amazing how well you can "get into their skin and walk around." Very creative. Wish I'd thought of it! You tie up the end nicely, by the way! Just when I thought the surprises were over! Good job!
Oh, brilliant! Well, they say you should leave on a high (and I certainly hope this will be a win for you), but we'd all prefer it if you didn't leave at all. Go on. Pretty please...
Did I mention that I really enjoyed this piece?
I loved this! It was so much fun. And this was written by a man! Great job of capturing these womens voices. There was so much to love about this piece, but here are a couple of my favorites: I dont know. The ugly, I want to bite you, kind. Trust me. Take up bungee jumping, sky diving, anything but golf. Im sorry to hear youll be leaving for a while. Ill miss your stories and your kind spirit.
Hilarious! I grinned, and then I grinned some more. Hope your vacation is a short one; your writing is a treasure.
LOL! I loved it! A funny life lesson, can't get any better than that.
Only you...that's all I have to say! LOL Great job! Jo
Well it's unanimous, this is a lot of fun. Clever and creative, and excellent job.
Too funny!

But what's this in the comments about you leaving? Obviously I missed something significant on the boards. You can't, you can't, you can't! No.

Like other commenters have said, I enjoyed the way you got inside the skins of the two women.

Well done!
Absolutely wonderful! I'm not a golf fan but I loved the description of golfing. Great title and excellent dialog! Thanks for sharing this
Your writing is once again "par for the course".

If you absolutely must go and play on other fairways, try to avoid the "sand traps" and don't spend too much time at the "19th hole."

From the short time I've been here I've learned that not only your writings, but your presence here on FW is a blessing to many.

Numbers 6:23-26 and Galatians 6:9

LOL! Poor Margie! I love the chain of events leading up to the 'broken arm'. Golfing sounds like a dangerous sport for her, nice touch with the Mulligan's Island bit. ^_^
Bill - Once again you did it!:) This was so funny and cute and moved at a great pace reading your work!
Congratulations, Bill, on your Editor's Choice win! You set the standard, as always!
And, where did you find the name "Linkwidow," pray tell. Is there really such a name? Or, is this another of your hidden clues?

Congratulations on getting another one in the book, SirWilliam! It is always such a delight to see your name up in lights, here!