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How interesting that of all the patterns, grandma picked the cross and began weaving her old life around it before she realized it represented new life.
I like this! Good inside picture of the culture and changes being brought.
I was definitely NOT expecting that ending - wonderful, atmospheric piece. Loved the grandma.
Oooh, thanks for the picture! Stunning! Love the ending of this piece, and I enjoyed visualizing as I read this.
It's always great to be flung into another part of the world - great job and loved the story!
Well-written piece giving us an interesting glimpse into another culture! Thank you for sharing this! :)
Oh, too cool!! I was transported there! I loved the setting and how you used it and that someone comes to explain the cross to them. Wonderful!
Having you in another culture is a treat. Your stories are always interesting, fresh and unique. Great job! Jo
Great title to start things off, crisp writing that placed me right there, and a great ending. Great work!
The power of the cross! I love the picture you painted of the grandma and all of the activity going on around her.
Suzanne, I always love your writing and this was no exception. I enjoy the way you transport me to the center of your entries. Some stories boarder on outstanding, this would be its capitsl city. God bless.
Yes ... far more than just a pattern ... I felt I was watching a moment out of an exquisite foriegn film full of aromas and life. Beautiful. Love them!