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Good writing! I enjoyed this very much and would like to read a follow-up. I can imagine this story becoming a children's illustrated that teaches children at an early age how to take care of their pets and not be cruel to them.
WOWW! I like this! Very moving. I hate cruelty and htis sure ignites the fire to see the important things in life and to value what God has created, yes, animals too. Sometimes it really does take just one act on our part that changes viewpoints and opens people's eys, to make a difference. That in itself is a rare form of art! :0) Very well written. God bless your writing!
This really, really touched me. Unforutunately, you've written a lot of truth. There are people in the world who do such things to animals. This was a good read. I hope it opens some eyes.
I cannot stand animal cruelty. Very good story, excellently told and expressed. I'd love to see the painting, though your descriptions of the dog were very good and I can imagine what it would have looked like. But, I do wonder if she painted the dog in its current circumstance, or wagging its tail in front of a warm fire. Superb entry. God bless.
Love the contrast, and the description. This absolutely tore my heart out. Love the subtle comparison between the artist and that poor dog. Wonderful!
Empowered-that is what art should be. Great story!
It saddens me how some people treat animals. This is a well written story, great job.
Good writing--did you choose Paloma for its meaning (dove)? Poor puppy!
Oh, the poor puppy! This is a very well written story and she is a compassionate person. I pray someone takes action based on her painting; good for her for doing what she could do. Thanks for sharing this
Great story! Kind of curious what you were going for with Farm Road "316", reference to John 3:16? Either way, good job.
Love it! What a great job wiht the irony and using ART to make a statement! Well done!
Paloma....the wife of Picasso! Interesting choice of names! I LOVED your story. I can't say I enjoyed it.....because I just want to scream "TAKE THAT DOG OFF THE CHAIN!" As I write this, it's 13 degrees where I live. I can feel his pain. Okay, Marilee, calm down. It's JUST a story! See what your talent has done to me? Your story moved me so much that I'm calling animal control RIGHT NOW! The irony of painting fluffy white dogs while this one suffered was keenly felt. Excellent story!
Beatifully written! Very moving. You had me glued from the beginning sentence.
This is a wonderful art entry. Very creative and with real emotions and conflicts that I could relate to. I loved the MC and her transparency. Very well done on this!
This could be expanded to make a longer story, because the word limit doesn't do it the justice it deserves. I'm suspecting that there is a whole lot more in the picture in your mind that you would like to have added :)