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You captured this little girl SO well! The description was so alive and wonderful. I was completely captivated by this.

I guess I'll be the first to mention the tiny booboo - I do believe you meant "Samson" when you said "Solomon."

Regardless, this truly touched my heart.
'Nothing special this week'. Well, it's all relative, isn't it? Most of us would be delighted if we could pull something as gently, tenderly spun as this out of the hat once in a while. Really beautiful, and I love the way you took us into the little girl's mind.
Such a sweet and touching story. I loved the moment when Becca tugged on her mother’s sleeve. And Becca’s prayer is so precious. “Jesus, there’s a suffering little girl. See her? Amen” The closing line ends this beautifully written story with a wonderful message.
Becca is a believable character. I could see her sitting in the pew. Good ending, and good message, too. This was well done.
Beautifully and sensitively written. Kudos!
Picturing that little girl in the pew, peeking into her thoughts - made me smile. What an enjoyable piece.
OOPS! I can imagine how the ultimate Perfectionist has suffered through the perils of Samson vs Solomon. Need I say more? Now, for the beautiful story! And, it was! Absolutely beautiful and well usual. Kudos, my friend, Kudos.
Very good and very touching. A very enjoyable read.
This brought back memories for me of my early Sunday School days... Very tenderly and sensitively told... I loved the last line. Mistake or not, exquisite.
The descriptions were beautiful and so real, I could hear and feel the gold edging of her new Bible as it was turned page by page for the first time! The ending was superb--my favorite part!!
Your title was intriguing and I enjoyed the way you got inside Becca's mind.

You described the little gold-edged Bible that many of us probably received at some time in our life so well. I almost felt like I was Becca looking at those pictures again.

This story was precious to me in another way, too. My youngest's middle name is Joanna. I'll have to read this to her. The rest of your story more than made up for the Samson mistake. (But I understand how you feel about it. Believe me!) Blessings, Jan.
What a wonderful story! Becca is definitely a charmer, and I loved the idea of praying for a little girl in a picture. Sweet and well written. Thanks for sharing this
What a tender, lovely story. Your work never ceases to amaze me. I see your hand, reaching out through the written word and touching many lives. May God bless all of your efforts.
I was immediately drawn in to this wonderful story--first by the title, but your attention to the smallest details caught by a child's mind bring it alive. Superb writing!
Gorgeous - really, it is.

I identify with the passage too - could easily have been a 'Becca' once and still love picture Bibles.

(I once wrote in a challenge entry, 'Can a tiger change its spots?' I identify with the kicking too :-) )
Oh! What a sweet story! Very vivid in description with the pictures in the bible, a nice touch of humor with david wearing a 'dress'. I liked the ending very much, it fitted just right.
Charming story which captured a child's worry so wonderfully. I loved that little prayer.
I've seen that picture (I'm sure most of us have). WONDERFUL -I had chills at the end - delightlful :)
Wow, gorgeous story. I loved the ending. Your descriptions are very good - so easy to picture the little girl sitting there turning pages in her Bible.
So compassionate for such a young heart. You captured her beautifully tender heart matching that of God's, Who reached back.

Beautiful Jan.
Yes! Absolutely wonderful, Jan! Count me as another Becca, too! Your masterful pen carried me back many years onto that very familiar church pew as I sat beside my mother. I studied every picture page of the Bible in my lap. Thank you!
What a beautiful story, and one especially endearing because it was really you in there :) I remember those thin pages stuck together, and the delicate push it took to open them up. It almost makes the more sacred because of it.
Well, it looks like you got a ton of well-deserved compliments on your entry. This little story was so many things at once!--I laughed out loud several times, and I felt nostalgia for my own Precious Moments bible of long ago, and I felt a lump in my throat when you brought Jesus to us in the story. Simply beautiful. I think it's exceptional the way you narrated with the girl's "voice" but also with an elegance, and with these wonderfully detailed descriptions, all at the same time. Bravo!! I wish you the best with this!
Dear Jan, You have a wonderful memory for seeing life through the eyes of your childhood, touching your reader's memories as well. I like the fresh vision expressed through your narrator's voice. How new everything once was, and how we tried to comprehend what didn't quite make sense! Thank you for capturing so well this child-like quality in this story.

Thank you, too, for your welcome comments on my stories. I always appreciate what you write.
A lovely story, Jan. I usually give my comments before I read what others have said, but this time I read some of them. I see that someone else pointed out your small "eye passover", as I call typos -- the one about Solomon, when you meant Sampson. But anyone knowing the Bible stories would know who you meant. I love your imagination, and I was looking at the pictures in the little girl's book, right along with her. You are a marvellous story-teller. God bless you. I am glad I have met you.