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Wow. I'm going to cry. I could relate to this as a child growing up and later, as a mom who volunteered many hours at our elementary school my sons attended. You have such a marvelous gifted way of making a statement and reminding us what matters and how we can make a difference, no matter where we are. God bless you in your writing.
AMEN. I hope this story gets out to all those who need it...many are the girls - and young ladies - who need to be reminded that, as daughters of the KING, they are princesses - one and all.

Thanks, and God bless,

This certainly touched me. I've been the nerdy girl and a taunter, both. Thank you for reminding me we are all God's children, and no one is better than anyone else. Well done.
Just lovely! I loved all your gymnastics metaphors especially, and the imparting of this wonderful woman's wisdom.
Nicely done! My son is one of those football players who'd love just a little extra, and our lunch room lady complies (the guys never get out of athletics until lunch is half over, so she gives a little extra rather than throw it out). Well written. Couple of comma things: I think they should enclose 'I wonder if she(,) like(,) wears...' also around 'indeed' in the next sentence or so. Great read. Thanks for the story. Deb
What skillfully woven descriptive details! You've crafted this heart touching story in true master fashion!
Nicely done. Grace abounded.
My heart aches for the Delias of the world. You've written something both beautiful and profound.
Very well done. Kept me reading all the way. Great job.
Yes to all above! A great, well written, poignant story. I was in line right next to Delia - and I wanted a double choco dessert too! No fair! ;) See? Great story and writing!

Good story. Easy to read and very entertaining.
Oh, boy, do I remember the days of the school cafeteria. Your opening paragraphs were perfect in describing the scene!

The two paragraphs about the gymnastics girls' mocking attitude and her prayer that she would be gracious were especially poignant and bittersweet.

Your last line just about made me cry. I loved this!