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Oh wow - that last line is going to haunt me for days! What a stunning, deep, dark ending to this story - and perfect. The detail in this was so real - an excellent job of covering a very difficult subject.
This is a heart stopper. Searing description.
Good writing, though I prefer a space between dialogue. It's less cluttered that way. I actually felt myself physically recoil as I read this piece, which is a perfect reaction to capture the humiliation and anguish of the young fiancee. Skillful. Blessings, Cheri
Oh, how sad and haunting. What a terrible way to treat someone you are supposed to love. This is well written and very descriptive.
Thanks to those of you who have already commented on this story. For those who found me via the hinting section, you'll know this is a true story - happened to me in 1988. It was cathartic to write in many ways, and I am glad I did.
Yikes, Corinne! How horrifying! I'm very curious what has come of this man...

You did a spectacular job writing this, we can feel the building tension...I'm so sorry you went through this.
As I read this, I didn't think it was real because, as you say in the story, you would have given yourself willingly after the "I do's." To know it actually happened makes me feel sick, as I also recoiled during the rape scene. Horrifying! God bless you and thank you for sharing such a painful event. Wow!
Yes, this is powerful. It's frightening to think that this actually happens in some tragic cases.