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What a beautiful piece of writing. It really burrows deep within the soul.
Thanks for writing so honestly about your grief, and the way God met you. Beautiful!
This is so tender, raw, and beautiful. I have been there. For a time I was embittered with the seeming impatience of those around me to "get over it." After a time, I realized that it truly is part of ALL humanity to be only truly compassionate toward those things through which they too have passed. Thank you for the open heart in this!
What a descriptive and emotionally charged piece, obviously written from the heart of one who has been there. There must be a place for this outside of FW. I can see it touching many grieving parents out there.
Very emotional piece. You really described the pain and grief expertly. As a reader, I could feel the main character's inner turmoil. Well done.
The inner story here was delvered expertly. To get a reader inside a character's head is very challenging. Very, very good entry. God bless.
I have a friend who lost a child two and a half months ago, her twelve-year-old son. An unexpected fatal accident while he played outside. I couldn't even begin to imagine the family's pain and grief. You have expressed things well, and pointed your readers to the only One who can truly understand or comfort us in our trials. Blessings, Cheri
Yes--that's exactly what it's like to wrestle with God. I've been there, although not under those exact circumstances. You wrote what must have been a very difficult piece, and we have all been blessed by it.
I have also stared over the edge during a heated debate with God...and contemplated whether or not I would see my child again. This piece that you have written is one of the reasons why you had to step back. Look at how many people you have touched...well done.
I cannot even begin to imagine that kind of grief! I had a vivid dream when my son was a newborn that he had died and no one would allow me to grieve. They kept telling me to get over it. I woke up in such pain! I cannot imagine. And yet, God is faithful THROUGH the pain. Good writing about a difficult topic.
This is absolutely tactile and heartbreaking and real. I can't imagine how hard it was for you to write this, but you did it expertly, and I thank you for it. Wow.
I can easily imagine her conflict. You depicted it vividly and well. This was very touching. Thank you for sharing it.