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Fandoublyastic!! A beautiful piece of writing, and those "crisp gray curls" were extremely vivid.
You've given us an indepth look into two characters, the teacher and the child. Well done. yeggy

I like the way you now look from an adult perspective and wonder what made her the way she was ... I've taught with people just like her ... sssh.

It was a great read - thanks.
Beautiful tribute to your teacher---nicely done!
Good story. It could have so easily turned out with a dislike of school and learning. I'm glad that it didn't. Well written and enjoyable to read.
Mrs. Lawrence must have taken the conveyor belt herself, because I'm pretty sure I had her in 2nd grade. At least that's when I got my smack with the ruler for not finishing math! I'm convinced that's why I'm a word-smith and not a mathematician!

I was with you all the way through the story. You included such detail! I appreciate the grace you extended to your grumpy teacher in the end...if she only knew!
Hmmmm sure makes you think that as teachers, we affect the children we teach. I always go into the classroom (or at least try to!) with a PMA - postive mental attitude. There is so much possibility!
Good reminder today.
I love the honesty of this, and the detail. The conflicting emotions definitely kept me interested. Wow!
I love how you made your narrator's emotions feel so now, even though she's recalling it years later. There's an immediacy here. I suspected that you were going to thank her at the end, that with wisdom's eyes you'd see her differently. This was lovely.
I'm sure Mrs. Lawrence must have moved up to third grade, because that's when I had her. This was a very enjoyable read, and one most of us can relate to. Thank you so much for walking me down memory lane.
Nice title. This was a great story and very enjoyable reading. Good job, I liked the end best :)
Nice character development! I had a teacher like this in 3rd grade - Miss Perkins.

Liked the ending, which seemed a bit of a surprise but also honest.


Bravo for all those teachers who left their marks....or we probably wouldn't be here writing stuff for the challenge. ;-D
Very touching story!
You painted very compelling images about Mrs Lawrence. You let us see her grumpiness and her dedication, your anxieties and your triumphs. Your title sums up your whole experience as you were able to praise your teacher in the end. You both have done a splendid job.