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It has taken me a few moments to compose myself in order to type after reading this skillfully written, moving account. I bow my head in humble thankfulness for such missionaries who have given absolutely everything for the sake of the gospel of Christ. One of my favorite hymns is by Jean de Brebeuf, one he wrote to help share the gospel message to the Hurons. The title is "Twas in the Moon of Wintertime" and is #244 in the Methodist hymnal. When I sing it during Advent this year I will sing it with a new understanding of its author's great sacrifice. Thank you, dear writer.
This is indeed a powerful piece. I did find it curious that there was little direct mention of the unbearable pain the MC was going through, but his spirit shone through strong. Good job.
You had me from the first sentence. A part of me almost didn't want to finish reading this, but still, I had to read to the end. This was very intense, and very well done.
I had to come back to this article after reading it out loud to my husband last night. He and I were moved by the strength to endure and the compassion to love shown by this missionary. Very well-written! Your descriptions, while horrifying to think about, really made this account shine.

I think the Holy Spirit will give us plenty of unction and strength should we find ourselves in a similar though contemporary situation. Well done!
Wow! I was only slightly familiar with Jean de Brbeuf - but this certainly adds some perspective. This is horrifying and encouraging and brilliantly written. Great job!
Thank you for sharing this interesting article. Might think about being more conservative with the pronoun "I"
Reading this made me squirm and wonder if I would ever be able to keep that attitude if I would ever find myself in such a situation.
For me, this was a powerful and emotionally-charged read.
Great job!
I thought I had commented on this story already, but I have not. I remember having to read it a few times to get through it. Not because it was poorly written, but so heavy and moving. I had to come up for air. Very well done. I hope this story does well. God bless.
Congratulations, Ann! A well deserved win. My goodness. That hurt just to read! It's so hard to imagine such suffering as we sit in such comfort and freedom. Terrific work!
Phew! A very well deserved win. Congratulations.
Oh, my. This was SO hard to read - but so very worth it. Your imagery is so very powerful and wonderful and vivid. Definitely a masterful masterpiece.
Congratulations! Your writing is superb. The story is gut-wrenching.
This was one of my favorite pieces in the BoB this year! Congrats on yet another BoB placing! You are so gifted ... what an excellent talent! Congrats!
This is a powerful story portraying with wonderful writing the essence of the missionary heart, the Christian heart, being one with Christ's sufferings. Congratulations on BOB placement.
Congratulations Ann on this deserving and awesome piece - I'm so glad this made it.

Happy dancin with ya girl! Enjoy the air up there! ;)
I loved this the first time I read it (I judged for this one the first time around!!) and every other time. So powerful and amazing and every other word like that I can or cannot come up with. Congratulations, Ann.
Congratulations, Ann! This is an excellent piece, and well-deserving of recognition.
Ann, I'm overcome. Wonderfully awful account of the horror and the joy of a missionary. Congrats!!!
Congratulations, Ann!

I was a judge the week this was entered, and I hated it then, as I do now. But that's because it was so well written, drew me in so powerfully and I wasn't at all comfortable. So - consider it a high compliment that it involves the reader so strongly, and I'm really pleased it has done so well with the BoB results!
Ann, congratulations on this powerful piece's placement in Best of the Best. Words again fail me in the light of your skillful presentation of Jean de Brebeuf's sacrifice. After reading this the first time, I had our choir sing 'T'was in the Moon of Wintertime' as an anthem. We introduced it with a short telling of his life and death. It was a very memorable addition to our worship last Christmas. Thank you again for so masterfully bringing the inspiring story of this saint to our hearts and minds.
Your eloquent writing brought to mind Oswald Chambers. Presenting this man's life and his sacrfice in the way you have, makes him come alive and serve once more. Congratulations on your well-deserved BoB award.
Ditto for me. I agree with the other comments about this article and the writer.
Your imagery is superb. Congratulations on your win--can't wait to read more of your work.
Wow!...otherwise, speachless...and I fear what man may say to me...makes me feel so inadequate...
humbling reading...
That's how I'd want to go. Of course, an instant-death wound would be much more preferable! Although grizzly, there's a ribbon of sweetness in this piece that floats the mind to thoughts of God and Heaven. I can see why this won a BoB. It also encourages me to keep trying. Thank you for this read.

~The Goliath Assassin
It takes a lot to bring me to the point beyond words, but this piece did that!
Laus Deo!
Your writing moved me beyond the finite world into the realm of the divine. The heart of it captures the essence of what every earnest believer is longing for more of-eternal perspective. May God be praised for your talent and for the effort you have given forth in desiring to give back to your creator! I am certain it is a pleasing gift to our glorious God.
Laus Deo!
Tammy Bovee
Hi: Congratulations. Excellent writing. Great story.
You have an amazing gift! God will be glorified through your talent!