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You are a great story- teller. What an amazinfg insight as to how good inspirational stories ca emerge out of day-to-day occurence. Great use of onomatopoeia.
Your dialogues took me to the scene of the action and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Well done!
I've never had a basement, but I've certainly had lots of broken water pipes, so I "felt your pain" as they say. Great job.
Very effective descriptions! Cute characters...bedhead and all. :-)

I guess I picture a river having a current, so can't quite picture a river in a basement! More like a pond or well or something. Trivial point, but hey, it came to mind so there you go!!

Liked the way you wrapped things up at the end with a strong lesson.
Wow - what a great story-teller you are!

I can see the river - rushing down the stairs - hitting the basement was kind of like hitting the ocean, right?

Love the humorous touches throughout.
Oh, Lynda - I hope you forgive me for laughing hysterically at your misfortune! You are QUITE the storyteller - I think I will laugh every time I have cereal for the rest of my life! You did an amazing job of sharing your tale and giving us the lesson without being overbearing. Loved the humor throughout - and the whole piece!
Authors note: Believe me, I'm very glad my account seems so real but I should have left the disclaimer I did last week: this piece is totally and completely fictional :-)
This is so funny! You have a wonderful, wry voice--just the sort of humor that really appeals to me. The only thing that bothers me a bit is the title--something more original to this story would give it more justice. All in all, one of my favorites this week.
Wow! Now THIS is what I call a MASTER storyteller! A real Pro! This is what I came up here to Level 4 to read! I was becoming discouraged and was about to return back downstairs to the regulars - but your entry has renewed my faith in the upper echelon! Great story, great writing, great job! Thank you!

Enjoyable, entertaining, delightfully funny, perfection personified and I loved it! Thanks again!
This was masterfully told!
Enjoyed this very much!
ha! raining goats and sheep! My basement just flooded a couple of weeks ago - hot water heater sprung a leak ... and the mandatory drain happens to be in the den next door ... under the carpet!!! Sigh! Nothing a shop vac, open windows and a dehumidifier can't deal with!!! Nice light reading.
amusing and well written! I enjoyed the story, though I could relate to the "freaking out" part. (That's my usual reaction to any crisis). A very good piece.
I love reading stories when writers are on top of their game, so to speak. Excellent job. I'm glad I took the time. You made it well worth it, as you always do, Lynda. God bless.
Now this is a typical Lynda story! Fun, fun, fun...I envisioned you through the whole fiasco...and what a sight it was! LOL Glad you didn't really wade in your basement. Great job! :)
What a fun story! I love your humor. This piece is very real to life which makes it an exceptional work of fiction. Great job!
I love the humor in this line: "I have come to the conclusion that rivers are great for white-water rafting, photographers, and trout fishing. Rivers are not so great for running through basements." Good Job!