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I would be laughing - but it's so close to the truth that it's frightening instead. I hope we can pull this nation out of the pit it's heading into before it plunges to the bottom.
Thanks for sharing, and God bless,

Only too true, but it isn't hard to sense the paranoia of a society that actually believes that eradicating symbols can also eradicate truth. Great writing.
This is awesome! I was predicting that we wouldn't see many humor pieces this week, and I'm so glad you found a way to inject this wry piece. More satire and irony than giggles, but wonderful, whatever you call it. One of my favorites.
How clever is this??? What wonderful satire - couldn't we all see someone doing this?? I truly enjoyed this read!
HA! What's sad is that I can believe that letters similar to this one have actually been written and sent. It's getting so ridiculous. These days we hear about the rights of everyone (except the Christian, of course). Great reminder to raise our own voices in response to things like this. Creative and clever entry on topic. :-)
Creative,a light hearted touch with a heavy and powerful message!
lol - loved this piece. So sad but so true.
Great format and content . Creative way to use a a letter for this topic. :-)

This is sooooo ludicrous and yet sooooo possible. That's what makes this such a great entry!!

I'll think of this while looking at the electrical poles along my road for sure. Not to mention the "t's." LOL

Well, Heidi Clare .... I declare!!! LOL What a letter and what a sense of humor! As others have said, it would be hillarious if it wasn't so close to the truth. I remember my teacher reminding me to "cross" my T's ... goodness! Did she say "cross"??? How far we've come from the nation our forefathers spilled their blood for! Regardless, this was an extremely creative piece and I appreciate your take on this topic! Wonderful!!!! :)

Oh - very nice - an excellent example of how rediculous their suits truly are.
Priceless. I never thought of all the t's that are seen daily - I think I'll look around as I'm driving tomorrow. This is well done, flows well, and held my attention.
Very creative irony!
How sad that this could be an actual letter! Great entry. I really enjoyed it. Loved the letter writer's name. LOL
This is a timely and well thought out entry. Christians everywhere are under siege. Here in Trinidad & Tobago some non-Christians want our highest award, The Trinity Cross, to be replaced by something suitable to them. The relevance of what is happening around us makes your article more striking and very much to the point.