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Sad but triumphant — your emotions are so "there" for us to feel. Thank you for so wonderfully sharing your journey through the valley.
So powerful and true. Thank you for baring it all for us, and for showing us your hope and peace in the end.
Very powerful and moving story. My heart ached for the narrator.
Thank you for this incredibly emotive testimony. I have had 7 miscarriages over the last 4 years and like you I have had years of fertility treatment. You articulated my pain better than I could! I pray God blesses you with an abundance of joy and peace.
A deeply moving testimony of pain and perseverance. Exceptionally well-written and very inspiring: "Through it all I made God my place of refreshing."
This was so moving. I have walked a little of this journey myself, and I remember the pain of it. May God bless you for choosing to walk it well. Thank you for writing this, it must have been difficult.
This was an emotionally touching piece. I cannot imagine anything more difficult, having people judge you while they bounce their babies on their knees. Great image! It reminds me of Job's well-meaning friends....or the story that Samuel had to tell to get David's attention onto his sin. Some stories make you want to go out and slap somebody (not Christian, but it sure shows the ability to stir emotions!) Thanks for sharing this heartwrenching story. May the narrator of this story find new delights in the land she has found herself in.
After facing heartache and trouble, you testify to the faithfulness of God during the tough times' having walked through the Valley of Baca you are still standing. Well done, sister. I know you know the secret of His abiding presence and now, His word promises reaping in joy! May God bless your pen as you record His unfailing love for all to read.
Excellent! I love how your words carried the theme of the valley all the way through the story. Having been there myself, I know your character's feelings ring true!
A very deep and touching narrative. Excellent job!
WOW! Excellent portrayal of how you can find the deeper meaning of God in the valley! This really touched my heart!
This article touched the very core of my soul. Keeping your faith in Your Almighty Savior was a wise choice and I'm sure He rewards you with blessings everyday. Thanks for sharing your piece, I know it will touch the hearts of other women in your same position and I know it will make them stop and think, "Keep the faith, God is with me."
An honest look at pain from one who learned deep lessons from it. This is a good reminder to expect God to resurrect our pain/loss/anxiety, whatever it is. Your testimony is strong, your voice convincing.

All I can add Melanie is "Amen".