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Beautiful, powerful poem! I can't believe you have no comments yet.
What a magnificent piece of poetry! It kept me glued to the very ending. The message comes through leaving readers to stop and think. God Bless You and thanks for allowing His mighty pen to grace such a beautiful piece.
Incredibly beautiful, deep, and thought-provoking! I was interrupted three times while trying to read this and couldn't wait to come back to continue. I absolutely love it! :)
Your imagery is just beautiful. The story drew me in and kept my interest.
Okay, Kenn, it's just pointless to comment on your stuff, that's why you have so few! LOL Like anyone here is masterful enough to point out some flaw or other something that might make your work MORE powerful, enjoyable, unbelievable, breathtakingly exciting! But I do know how we likes our comments sooooo . . .GRAND Job!! Again!!
Poetic Hope! How beautiful! Wow!
How blessed you are, to have such wonderful poetry in you--I love this one, Kenn.
How do you do it??? Another masterpiece. :-)

I think your challenge poems need to be published in a book...perhaps with original pencil sketches or other illustrations. They're all ready to go, no edits needed! How about a volume for Christmas? Bet we'd all buy one. :-)

But back to this's so involving. Beyond awesome. :-)
There are no adequate words for this! Absolutely lovely.
Just beautiful and meaningful and lovely and everything else that everyone has said, and more. Love the second stanza especially!
A masterpiece from a master.