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Heart rendering and educational. I did not know that this culture viewed twins this way. What a calling to help protect and save the unwanted. What a marvelously written story!
This reminds me of the scripture, "All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose." Her disturbing encounter fueled a vision of salvation. I loved this demonstration of hope in action.

Disturbing yes, but her vision shines like a beacon, a lighthouse in a dark world. Wonderful job presenting hope and light in the midst of complete darkness. Excellent job!!!
This was not only extremely well written,but it holds one of the most powerful messages within a story that I've read in some time. I truly hope to see this one place. I think it's a gem. WoW!!!
God bless you for sharing this poignant and powerful message. This is a message that needs to be "shouted from the housetops" everywhere, until not one baby/child is left unwanted.
I second everything that has been said. Wonderful story and message!
It's very hard to read stories like this. Although well written to the point it takes us to these children and puts a desire in our hearts to hug, feed and clothe them - it's not enough - because children live like this everyday with no hope.

Well done Amy - I hope it moves all the more the reader to do something ... anything.
A very touching story and a powerful message. Thank you for reminding us to keep "The Unwanted" children and those like Annalisa in our prayers.
Heart-wrenching story, for sure! Thank you for sharing this powerful story of a young woman's passion to be an ambassador of life straight from the Father's heart! Excellent! :)
Very thought provoking entry. I was hooked. The story line is very captivating but I noticed something. Uloma is a Nigerian name (the killing of twins was practised in Nigeria centuries earlier) and Kwemto is a Ghanaian name. How was the missionary able to rescue both the Nigerian twins and the Ghanaian boy the same evening?
I hoping this is a winner!
Excellent writing, striking the heartstrings! You have a gift for describing what's going on as well as constructing action sentences (rather than a piece bogged down with the passive voice.)
I could see and taste the description. You put together a heart-wrenching story of the plights of these innocent children.
Heartbreaking, and masterfully written. Excellent.
What a gripper. Sad but bitter-sweet b/c of a Greater Love that lays down its life for others. Very well told, engaging, involving at the heart level. Can't read this w/out a little internal bleeding, you know?
This will haunt me for days. So masterfully crafted and exceptionally told. What an exceptional job!
Heart breaking - well done as always. Thankfully there are those who reach out and care for God's little ones.
Amy, Congrats on placing! This touches deep within. Thank-you for sharing and educating us reader's about the Unwanted.
I have tears in my eyes, I am so thankful your story won and that many others will be able to read it. Blessings and CONGRATULATIONS!
Amy, congratulations! This masterfully woven story pulls my heartstrings right to the core. Your opening and closing are amazingly strong, and the middle did not disappoint!

I love the way your ending illustrates God's hand in using the first horrific encounter with the dead baby to birth a vision of compassion later on. You go!
LOVED IT! Congratulations. I have heard of this practice and it just makes me sick. Great job with the emotions (the charchter's and the reader's).
Hi Amy,

This is really an outstanding entry. I believed in your characters and felt the setting.

The opening line threw me a little. Stenches usually don't draw people, they repel them. I thought something along the lines of the stench being unforgettable would be stronger and more accurate (my opinion, the story is great).

The transitions did jar me. I got comfortable with Annalisa and then I was with strangers. I am not a fan of the lines/stars to break scenes. I like things to flow. I think the 24 years later would have helped me, as well as an explanation of the shifting locals.

Still, this story deserved to win and I'm glad it did. Congratulations! :-)
Amy, I am so thankful that God has given you such an incredible gift. You are Annalisa! Through the power of your written words, hearts will be moved and babies will be saved.

This is indeed masterfully written. It is horrible and yet beautiful all at once.

Well done!