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LOL - I clicked on this title because I just had a feeling it would be a particular someone's entry. Dare I say you're getting predictable" Nah. :-)
What can I say except, clear another space on your mantle. Oh - and please...flub a few lines next week and give the rest of us a chance, will you? LOL. Superb, as always.
Perhaps he'll be a Judge one week so the rest of you guys in Masters can have a; great piece of work! Fantastic story in rhyme. That's it in a nutshell - what else can one say?
Now who could this amazing poem belong to? :)
Excellent poem with a much needed message.
How is it dear brother
That time after time
You tell such great stories
Through verses and rhyme?
Could it be...four in a row? This is marvelous, Kenn.
I dare say you keep raising the bar higher and higher! Fantastic!!
Excellent, Kenn. 'A leatherish chair' - LOL
As I read through this, I was trying to pick out a favorite stanza - but I love them ALL. I know you've been told this over and over, but you have SUCH a gift from God. All I can do is thank you for sharing it with us, and using it for His glory! (and I love McMold as a last name - just THAT is an excellent word picture!)
Great job. I clicked your link in the "hinging" thread without looking at the name. Then I went back to make sure I had guessed who wrote it. I'm glad the ending was much happier than the one I first predicted, for I feared poor Fleer would soon be evicted!
Not to be repetitious, but great job.
Looks like another winner to me, Kenn! Excellent as usual...You are really anointed to write poetry and I know God uses you in your gift!
Fantastic as ususal. Wonderful poem. Echo all the other comments. Loved this!
How in the world do you do it? Simply amazing.
Another great piece - I think the streak continues.
Can't say any more than everyone else has ... other than the usual plea to hurry up and get your book published.
Congratulations, Kenn. Another well-deserved win.
Congratulations, never had a doubt you would once again conquer the number one spot!
A strong candidate for BOB 2007!
Excellent work. How, oh how, does one critique a master?

If there were anything I might change om this wonderful piece, it would be to add one more stanza before the invitation to sit down. It struck me as I read it that the boss "folded" a little too quickly.

Congratulations, Kenn! Now we just have to research how one goes about nominating you for Poet Laureate of the USA. Then the entire country can enjoy your poetry the way we all do!
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