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Excellent! Each event was described very well. I'm also glad to hear that dogs have a soul.
This is really good. Great read. I'm reminded of how in heaven the lion will lie down with the lamb...according to the Bible there will be animals in heaven...why not our favorite pets??? I like the sweetness of the father/daughter relationship, the childlike innocence of LuAnn and the awesome faithfulness and sacrifice of the family dog. Wonderful Job!
Man, I could feel the sultry heat on my own skin from your opening description-but then I'm originally from the south! Loved the story. I wonder if the ending would have a little more impact if pa doesn't definitely say that animals don't go to heaven when his daughter asks him...perhaps he could even strongly suggest the possibility and leave his answer open-ended. Just a thought! Great read.
Wonderful story. Why wouldn't heaven be filled with the glories of God's creation? Great work.
I enjoyed this! You have a way with words & lots of talent in expressing yourself.
This is a beautiful story -- you had me from the very beginning! Great work! :)
What a great story!
I was captivated from the beginning with this sweet, sweet story. Wonderful writing. Wow!
Wow. I loved this story. The setting was perfect and I could feel the heat. I grew attached to LuAnn and when Annie growled, I found myself afraid for her. I loved how you broke away just as the serpent struck, leaving us to assume the worst. Great ending too. Loved every word. Hope you place well. :)
I love this! What a wonderful story and very well written. Good job.
A perfect blend of dialog and action, deftly written.
Excellent. I was captivated by the whole story. Great job.
What wonderful description! Especially the church scene - I was there in every way. What a wonderful, compelling story. I was moved.
You kept my attention from beginning to end. Great read.
WOW!! A well crafted story. The mix of dialogue and action held me captivated to the very end. I also love the message.
I enjoyed this, and it helpfully raises questions about "souls" and "heaven," and what being made in God's image is all about. Whatever we conclude about animals in "heaven" it seems inconceivable to me that there won't be many in the "new heaven and the new earth". Good writing. Poignant characterisation. Well done.
I agree! Great job. You held my attention the whole way through. I hope this places as well.
A lovely piece of work. The pace was excellent - you had me there until the end!
Woohoo! I was so happy to see you got 'Highly Commended', then I saw you placed for Editor's Choice too! Well done. I really glad this made it into the anthology. :)
Way to place Teri! Congrats!
Fantastic Teri. It had me locked in from the very first, and the surprise at the end was exquisite.