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Excellent dialogue. A couple of grammar things: "chose" instead of "choose" and a "you're" that should have been a your. But I loved the soul mate idea built around the chess game. Very good.
I love this! Great dialog, the frame of the chess game adds entertainment value, and the two characters' personalities are fully developed in just a few words. Nice.
Wonderful story!!
Nice telling.
Since this is advanced, we are allowed to be more picky, right? Your "reveled" in a black marble pawn needs to be "revealed" - and some comma problems, but otherwise, as a Chess player I enjoyed the game play.
Delightful, and real. A wounderful description of Jesus as our soul mate. As ususal, great dialog with just the right touch of humor. Great Job! I loved it.
Great dialogue - and you did a wonderful job of working the chess game into the conversation at just the right time. Enjoyed this!
Wow, made me miss my grandfather! Great dialogue!
A joy to read. :)
Excellent, logical progression and strong dialogue. Good job.
Cute story. I enjoyed how you wove the chess game along with your story. A real pleasure to read. Well done.
I liked the nice easy feel of their conversation. The back and forth of the game added to it well. :)