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Very interesting. I'd like to know about Jerry and how he came to be such a dinner prophet. I guess you could only tell us that if you were allowed more words. Good job!
I agree with the previous comment, I was anxious to hear more about Jerry.

I really liked how you took this simple prayer that we often gloss over and made us take it slow and really look at each part - good job!
I enjoyed this very much. We often say what we think we should with little thought regarding the words or meaning. A simple prayer became a time of true worship. Good job!

I did notice a typo: "we bought over" should probably be brought.
Nice take on the topic. I too would have liked to have known more about the guest and how he came to know the scriptures but I liked how you broke it up and had people peeking around and ended it. Very nice.
I will never view this "Simple Prayer" the same way again. You have brought it to life! I love the way you presented Jerry.
There is nothing simple about this story. Wonderful gem. I enjoyed every word.
An very unique and wonderful story or should I say, prayer drama. I loved this. I wanted to clap. Brenda
I like the tender, self-deprecating humor here. Nice wordsmithing.
I needed more (I know, 750 words doesn't do it). This character is too fascinating to left sitting at the dinner table. Write on! This is good.
When I read this I felt as though my soul had been kissed. It is beautiful and tender, and a blessing to me today.
Very creative entry! Loved Jerry - definitely wanted to get to know him better. I'd be interested to know what kinds of things he talked about in regular conversation. Well written piece on topic.
Buy-bought, bring-brought. See, I do know the difference. Now if I could just teach my fingers.
Hi Sue,

A great entry! What a special way of meditating on a prayer. I agree with those who wanted to know more of this prayer-prophet, but I
recognise that the piece is just right as it is. He plays his part so well - focusing us all on God!

Don't worry about the typo ... I've got one in my title for next week (or is that illegal hinting? If so, sorry everyone!)
How wonderful! Reminds me of our family bringing home elderly people on Sundays for dinner with us -- we never knew what we would learn from these precious "strangers". Oh, if we could only grasp the fact that just because someone is "homeless" it doesn't mean they are useless! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this! :)
Way to go Sue! EC!!!! Congratulations on a wonderful win. I am throwing a peanut parade in your honor.
Sue, I've never been so thrilled to see someone's name in the EC. I'm so happy for you. Here's a HUGE Jess huge for your victory!!!
Ya'll are too sweet! But you know what the great feeling is? That I made number eight meaning only that I would have made it in the old system too. And that isn't meant to downplay nine and ten. Those two places definitely needed to be added. Thanks again but I've got to go find my jaw now. It dropped and got mixed up in all the peanut shells and what-not!
A Simple Prayer?
A 'Great' win!
Congrats Sue!
YEAH!! Way to go! :)
Sue, I am thrilled this story won! It was my favorite this week! Keep praising Him with your writing!!

Congratulations on your first EC place!! Yesss!!
Well deserved!

Congrats! Always good to be reminded of what's important.
Humourous and to the point. Congrats on your win.