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Yowsers, I love this! I suspected that there would be a twist (I won't give it away here), but that wasn't the twist I expected at all, so you've really accomplished what you set out to do. Top notch.
How very clever of you! And, yes, that's what it feels like. Good job.
Wow! This is so cool, and what a twist; you twisted right out of the box with class. You made a big punch with so few words. Absolutely creative.

I loved this! Very creative and clever.
Nice job! great twist!:)
. . . or "The Birthing of a . . " NO, I can't give it away! Read for yourself. You won't be disappointed. Great job! Hmmmm. . . as usual!
Count me into your admirers! I was hooked A to Z. Your ending is a tremendous, breathless loop of sudden recognition...But I also loved the pace and flow that led up to it. A perfect stroke in so few words...I'm envious. Brilliant!
I didn't expect the twist... but I KNOW the feeling. (Except I have to get up and nibble at something... several times...)

Just one correction... second line. Should be 'breathe.'
This is so a creative. I too loved the unexpected way this twists. Great job.
Okay, at first I was left dumbfounded, & lost. WHAT? I don't get it. But after the third read (yes it took me 3x) I finally got it! :) lol What a great twist Shari!

Blessings & Keep writing for the glory of HIM.

Okay girl - you got me! Totally! And wow! It does feel like that sometimes! Agony but pure bliss!

Excellent creativity. I was pleasantly derailed at the end. Very nice twist and writing.
This is so good! You write with a flair that grabs the reader and propels them to the end. God has given you a special talent!
So very cool! I love this - and it took me two read-throughs to figure out what the twist was (if I hadn't read everyone's comments I probably wouldn't have given it a second read!). The pace of this was wonderful, and such a NEAT way to show inspiration! You have a gift!