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I am surprised no one has made a comment about this already. Oh Michael, you are really in a dilemna. perhaps you should specifically look for jobs that start with first or one...or stop working altogether..hahahahaha.
Very cute read. Hilarious
Super clever piece! Just a few too many dialogue lines leading to the buildup, but you managed not to lose me before reaching the absolute hoot of an ending! A very worthwhile read.
Well, you get a DAVEY for "Silly" of the week for this one. Ha! Enjoyed it, tho.
Oh! This is hilarious! You do humor so well! Thanks for brightening my day.
Now that's abundance. Hilarious! great job.
I love it! A couple places it seemed a bit overly done, but you didn't lose me -- not at all! :) Well done and I'm still sitting here chuckling! Thanks for sharing!
Very funny. I did enjoy this. Well done.
Very hilarious and unique. I thoroughly enjoyed your story.
Only one note..if he is is he getting a job at the Baptist church?? I LOVED your style of writing..very cute...witty and quick! You told a whole story with just dialogue and with great humor!
Sitting here laughing with tears in my eyes, great ending. Bravo my friend.
Very cute.. Puts a whole new meaning to Motel 6's slogan "We'll leave the light on." :)
Reminds me of that show on TLC(I think) about the family with like 16 kids, then, before they can finish the house they're building, 17. The next show, 18 . . . I quit counting. Having said that, because of the length of this entry, I think this worked very well without the dialogue tags. Nice Job!!!
So funny! How I love a good sense of humor, and you've got it--in abundance!
This is just delightful. I like a dialog form for telling a story. It's so real life. I relish your sense of humor, which is such a wonderful gift from God.
Oh, this was was fun to read. I was laughing so hard my husband wanted me to read it to him. He loved it. I loved it. Thanks.
Great job! This is really funny. Love it.
This is funny! Great job!
LOL too funny - although if it is a job with the Four Square church - hmmm, that's a boat load of kids!!