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This is very interesting reading, and such a great way to dig into a verse of scripture. I'm still trying to get my mind around your title. Deep stuff, this. Thank you!
I loved this! You have such a way with description...your words paint such pictures!Great job!!
Four strong word pictures, painted in just a few words each. Real word-skill here.
Very interesting work. It covers the stark reality of life. Great writing skills.
I'm sitting here with a big "Wow!" on my lips. Your interpretation of this scripture touches something deep in me. "Wow!" Thank you for this masterful handling of the Word.
Deeply unique approach, worth reading several times over! Your masterful descriptions sing a different melody in each section. It's like an exposition of scripture, but not theological so much as experiential. You pulled aside a veil and made me hunger for that day in the hereafter. Wow...This got me in a meditative mood, for sure--a kind of mega-devotional, if you will!
I read this and wiped tears from my eyes. The depth you have given to this scripture is nothing short of masterful.
Just magnificent......

One constructive comment, if I may, is that I'd make the last sentence into a new paragraph i.e. the one about one day eternity will say 'Enough'.

I love the way you take us to four incredibly different landscapes and cultures - thanks for the trip.

What a unique interpretation of the theme.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus ... so that 'enough' may be 'enough'.
Utterly astounding. One of my favorites this week.
What a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes you painted with your brilliantly placed words. Loved it.