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This is marvelous! This should be spammed to every one to encourage them to pray for our sons and fathers sacraficially putting them in harmsway for us. Thank you for sharing this. One of Dave's favs for sure!
Truly amazing. Thank you for sharing this piece of yourself with us, as you shared a larger piece with the nation in the desert.

God bless,

This poem is a real masterpiece. It's so fitting for what is happening in our world today. Great writing. I've been touched. :-)
Wow! I loved this! This is a work of art (Well, I'm not sure how much that means to you considering the fact that I'm not what one would call a poetry connosuir, and yes, I know I butchered that word; where's the spell check on this thing?...)
There is much in this poem to be pondered. The protection that cloaks a loved one when those in his or her home church intercedes! Thank you for sharing your dream in this way!
This is wonderful--the metaphor of the coat is perfect for this topic. I'm glad that your dream stayed with you so that you could bless us with this poem.
You did a great job here. You never missed a beat. Loved it.
Well-constructed poem. I like the coat analogy. Good job.
I too enjoyed the metaphor, pretty good work overall, a prosody hickup a couple of times, but for this type of poem the rhythm held beautifully.
I loved this! :) Hope to see "both titles" in the winner's circle.

Blessings on your writing.
Very well done. I especially loved the wording of the fourth stanza. This poem is a true inspiration. Great writing!
This tugs at several different heart stings at the same time. Well done!
Well done! Heartfelt!
Edy, what a wonderful metaphor--a coat of prayer! I love the "white-haired warriors," too, comparing the spiritual fighters with the military defenders. But especially powerful is your comment at the end. It gives me bumps to think God sent you that dream just before your mobilization! Beautiful poem, and so appropriate. BTW, THANK YOU, VALIANT ONE, FOR SERVING!!!
So beautiful! So touching. I'll have to use that overused word - Awesome! Great job, super message and I loved it! Kudos!
Dear Minnesota friend. This poem was a blessing from beginning to end! You are an amazing writer! God bless you for your efforts on our behalf. Thank you for sharing a dream with deep personal, spiritual meaning.