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Awesome! I enjoyed this very much. Kate~
interesting. Not sure I understand its nature, but I must say its original. Thanks for sharing such a bold piece.
I think that Bach, Beethoven and Handel would be please to know that you have have reverenced their work by writing this lovely Fugue. The way you used the movements of the verse in poetic yet musical format, moved me to tears. This piece was well studied over time. I can feel the creation, hear the waters flow, see life begin through the stanza's of your masterpiece. Put it to music and I will be standing in line to hear it. This is true inspiration. Bless you for your diligence in your study of the Bible.
Wowsers, this blows me away. Absolutely original, and absolutely beautiful--and sly, too, because you force your reader to slow down and listen carefully to every interwoven melody.
Oh, oh, oh! I am groaning under the delightful burden of a vast, divine portrait of Love's purpose. This kind of inspiration could only have come from the Creator of the Magnum Opus that "becomes...US!"

I was snatched away by the
"Third Movement: Allegretto “...rejoicing...they were counted worthy to suffer....” The grand preparation for the Coda! Oh, Oh, oh...I will read this again and again, drinking the utter majesty. Thank you.
Wow! I am putting this on my favorites so I can read it repeatedly and "chew" on it. There is so much here. I can definitely see that this is from an intensive study of the Bible. Wow. The comparison of creation with redemption and life well-written!
Creative and very unique. It flies far above my intellect and yet beckons my spirit to fly away with it to the mountain peaks of revelation. Though I am unable to critique the structure one way or the other, my soul says who cares, read on. Bravo, well done!
Great work of capturing the uncapturable (?) It's beyond me, too but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks.
This is truly a masterpiece of creativity--beautiful on so many levels. Your study of the subject, knowledge of music, and love for the Creator are evidenced throughout.