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A worthwhile read for anyone who tends to live in the past...and a wonderful hope for the future!
Great job! I love the repeat line.
Good reading material! I love the line, "Hanging there on Judgment's tree". Stefanie
I was reading along whimsically when I suddenly came upon the 4th line in the second stanza: "Not the old grey stone of your mother's grave." That stopped me cold in my tracks. It slapped me upside the face as it might have for anyone to have a parent die unexpectedly. From that point on it was a different experience for me as I finished reading. You dropped me off a precipice, and then you did a masterful job of lifting me back up, gradually, throughout the rest of the poem. My hat is off to you. The mind of a poet baffles me - how you come up with such vivid imagery is beyond me.
"Not the old grey stone of your mother's grave."

You pull the strings of my heart with this line.

One of my favorites! WOW!
Nice poetry and rhyme. Excellent story. God Bless.
This reminds me of the Scripture "In this world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, for I (Jesus) have overcome the world!" Keeping our eyes on Jesus, He focuses us on the joy ahead that cannot be compared to the suffering here and in the past.

I like the pictures you paint with words, especially the lovely ones here: "Simple times when work was done.
Momma's smile and Daddy's hands,
Building castles in the sand.
Sitting in the morning sun"