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Great prophetic word!
Thanks for not submitting this encouragement and not quitting on us.

Oops. Sorry. One "not" to many. Let me say it again.
Thanks for submitting this writing. I enjoyed. it
Thank you. You may not get many comments on this one; it cuts like a knife, into the places we're hiding. But the Spirit of the Lord has stirred me through this eloquent and impassioned exhortation, confirming the path of discipline He knows I need to make up for the lost years of 'quitting.' God bless you. Keep on, warrior!
Great commentary, indeed. It is true that we all have talents that are meant to be used to glorify God. Don't be deceived, however, into believing that that means separating ourselves from the secular world and only working within, and serving, our own Christian comrades. Many years ago I worked in the music industry, and wanted to do exactly what you say here - get out and go to work for a Christian organization that could use my skills...instead I stayed where I was and ended up witnessing to two co-workers who eventually accepted Christ. He can use our talents anywhere - if we are available. This piece is a great message that everyone should read.
"Oh, what God could do if we would stop lying to ourselves, and let our hearts be true." Very true. Power points to ponder. Nice job!