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This is a great witness! Different relationships work to rob her of joy, but her relationship with God is strong and continuous, so she maintains her joy. And she uses godly wisdom. Good writing!
Patience and waiting on God, despite what we think, brings Joy! What a wonderful message. And so wonderfully taught. No preaching, just caring and believing and . . . waiting! Wonderful job!
Great job. I must be dense, but is there a special significance to the presence of the clouds when she entered the hospital and then their absence when she left? A reflection of her own inner turmoil before and her joy after?
Good, good writing! I so enjoyed the dialogue with Holy Spirit. I have a bit of a struggle with the MC assuming the outcome at the end. I know you were trying to convey faith, but the wording came across a bit too self-assured, which didn't ring with my reality, which is, there are no guarantees, only obedience. All in all, a solid contribution!
The cloud formation at the beginning was reminiscent of a battle between good and evil. Your faith in God prevailed throughout this piece. Your patience in listening to the still small voice was captured so well. Knowing your story drew me in even deeper as I prayed with you, not only for your sister in-law, but for your bother's soul. Thank you for sharing a part of your heart with all of us. This was very touching. As the clouds cleared I felt the JOY! This was beautiful!
How wonderful to be so attuned to the Father's voice! I loved the "wait"s. Just perfect.
What a beautiful testimony. As others have said, that sensitivity to God's leading is great. We, the readers, can feel your joy as we identify with you leaving the hospital knowing that you've prayed, that God has heard, and that your brother had not a trace of malice in the whole thing.

Well done!
Very well written. Patience and waiting for God's time, a valuable lesson. Good job.
You did a wonderful job on this. Such powerful lessons taught in such a simple form. Beautifully done.