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This is an excellent piece. Salvation as a medieval legend. Beautifully conceptualised and elaborated.
Way cool story! I love the allegory. Good job.
OUTSTANDING! You pulled me in at the sound of his boots.

This is a work of beauty. An age of darkness transformed into light by the ageless message of our redemption.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
Very well-written. I had to read the last line a couple of times to get it, but I think that's because I read too fast! I like the allegorical parts of it. What a wonderful love you write about!
"...only his son could carry this burden..."

Perfect! Very visual, and enjoyable as story, as allegory, and as parable.
Truly inspired. Well done.
Oh, wow! I loved this allegory! The setting is fantastic, and you portrayed the "characters" beautifully. Great job!
Ooolala. Good job. I loved the ending. Great stuff.
You accomplished something truly unique! Well done, I doubt that I could have written this. :-)

Oh, a couple of teeny things. You probably realized "lightening" was misspelled as "lighting". Also, I tripped over this line: "His kingdom, while prosperous in gold, gold would not keep his people safe if it stayed within the walls of the castle." I was thinking something like, "Although his kingdom prospered because of an abundance of gold, his people would not remain safe if the gold stayed within the walls of the castle." But maybe I missed the point....
So vivid and wonderful. Excellent allegory. Thanks for pointing me this way!
So Cool! What Christ did never ceases to amaze me! I loved this! :-) Thanks for bricking it!
Awesome title, amazing story. I'm always inspired by anyone who can write a good allegory because I can't! Excellent work!
Another excellent piece of writing. Great work!
Oh, I just loved the tension, the character of both the king and the prince, the allegory!! Awesomeness. This cries out for a longer story - pretty, pretty please??!!
I liked this story. It left me wanting to read more about these characters. Good job.
Awwwww! I seriously LOVE this piece! I love the allegory -- and the romance. :) How rich we are to have Jesus as our prince!
I think I fell a little in love with the prince at the last line. But then that's extra amazing that Jesus Himself has that heart for me. Wow. Excellent.
Whoa! This is *very* good. Loved the allegory. Well thought out and well told. Two thumbs up.
I love the allegory in this story. Beautiful descriptions as well. Lovely.