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Oh WOW. Your wife is so blessed, I guess you both are. I can't think of a better tribute.
A marvelous unfolding of mature love, crafted so beautifully it blurs the line between prose and poetry. What sensitivity! I love the line, "fatigue is the wardrobe you dress from," among others. I can feel Jesus' "well-done!" echoing in the husband's gratitude. A classic--Bravo!
Any woman would be flattered to get such a beautiful love letter; however, I found it repetitious - going over the same ground twice; which was over done to the point of being too wordy, too flowery - But women love it.
Yes, your wife is a blessed lady! Wonderful tribune to a Godly wife!
'Fatigue is the wardrobe you dress from every morning.' My fav. line, too. Beautiful love letter, hope she has time to read and savour it! :-)
Awwww! This was lovely. I hope we get to hear how Pam felt about it!
Wow! This is so great, and so personal. Thanks for letting us have a little peek.

It would have been easier to find if your hint had included a level. :-)
Gee, do guys really think like this??! Tender to the core? :-)

Nicely done and I agree, prosperity has everything to do with the fullness of the heart.
Tender, from the heart, beautiful tribute. You gave us a glowing look at a woman with a heart for God, and her family. Prosperity at its best.