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What an unique and creative approach. Great work on writing this piece.
Well done, you kept me wondering who or what the ice queen might be until the last moment. Rereading I can see how you have laid the clues from the very beginning. Great work!
I suspected, but you kept me wondering to the end, just giving enough clues to act like bait on a hook in front of a hungry fish. Good work.
Well done. I "hoped" you would reveal this Ice Queen before the last period. You held my attention and curiosity all the way through, while I anticipated the end and the final answer. Great job.
Well done. A great expose on the cost of addiction, to both parties involved. I had hoped just the opposite of everyone else, and I suspect you struggled over the decision, over naming the alcoholism at the end. I feel the poetry and the symbolism of the pices are much stronger without naming the the clues were so excellently uncovered in each paragraph. Some might have to reread a few times, and some might never be certain, but that, to me, is the beauty of not stating the name - allow us to fill in our own disease...our own works on many levels.
Wow! What a piece! Great work great craftmanship, great read! (great!)
This is really good! You are quite the wordsmith, the flow is great and the visualizatons are wonderful. This is a marvelous piece!