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What a creative mind you have! I was a little confused with the name "hope" given in the middle of the story. Perhaps name the diamond when you introduce it so the reader doesn't get lost. One minor quibble. You did a great job!
I thought this was very well thought out, but perhaps a bit unrealistic. I couldn't imagine someone having such a leading conversation out of the blue. Maybe giving a little background as to why he picked this particular tour guide to share with would make it more believable. That aside, this was a creative way to look at hope/Hope. ;)
Definitely food for thought! Wish I could think on my feet like your mc. A little grammatical thing that will make you go 'doh!' Even though its is possessive only use it's when you are taking it and is and making it's. Its' is also not a word. :-)Yeggy

Great message, writing was sound, the ministry is awesome. But the conversation felt a little forced. A couple of typos mixed in broke the flow a bit. But, that doesn't detract from your great use of dialogue and the fast paced movement of the story. Well done! (by the way ... maybe its called the Hope diamond because we all hope to own it someday?!?)
An excellent piece, and, I thought, a great illustrative example of how we can all be a part of giving hope to someone else. Though I agree with Maxx that the dialogue seemed a little forced at times, I also understand that when we take the step outside our comfort zone to share the Gospel with someone we don't know conversations can get a little stilted until we get past a certain point. I thought you did a great job of capturing that awkwardness as well as the brilliant fast thinking of your main character.
What a creative approach to the topic - and such a great message. I enjoyed this very much.
Very well done and an interesting take on the subject. Flows well, holds attention (even though a few grammar errors), but overall very nice.
Love this one! Great message on hope comes through crystal clear.
Very creative. Your message was good.
Well, now, I thought the conversation, so cleverly maneuvering to the eternal Hope, was quite believable. I was especially impressed with the Hope scripture that the narrator had at the ready! That's being prepared. I love this!
Scripture tells us to be ready with an answer when asked for the reason we have hope - and that's what this character did when asked, "“Where are you going with all this?”

So the example is clear. Good job.